Makor Iride 306

It allows the automatic spraying in line of varnishing products on picture frames, architectural mouldings, match-boards, valances, door- and window parts, etc.
Steel plate and tubular steel structure. Forward feed at variable speed by means of strong poly-urethane belts.
Spacious cabin, easily accessible, equipped with lighting for a perfect visibility inside.
Suction chamber of very large dimensions. spacious spray vats of special non-stick material, easily removable for cleaning. Spacious filtering surface. Color touch screen operator panel.

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  • Universal, suitable for the application of many varnishing products
  • Moplen (non-stick) tanks, mounted on pull-out cart for easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Available with pump and guns mounted on the trolley
  • Various configurations are available
  • High efficiency filtering cabinet thanks to the various filtering stages


Iride 306

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